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Our Vision:

​​Saving Our Society (S.O.S)‘s vision is to foster local and worldwide unity through a mindset of global citizenship where every individual can equally and fairly have the opportunity to earn their own food, safety, belonging, accomplishment and self-actualization.

Our Mission:
Our mission is in Saving Our Society from social constructs which are confining, labeling that hurts, and the harm that unearned privileges perpetuate when they go unnoticed. We seek to educate and be a voice for the underprivileged, in such a way that those who have and those who have not still feel connected and share in one common goal, the goal of Saving Our Society. We strive to do this by raising awareness on social issues, in a way that promotes unity, and creates small waves through delivering on consistently new objectives which will help re-shape our society for the better. Our focus will be in building up local communities worldwide which help raise awareness and participate in community engagement. This way all of us can work united on redefining our society’s narrative.
First, we will help raise awareness through various methods of education regarding the following topics: social constructs, unearned privileges, labeling and media messaging.Second, we will work towards creating a safe platform where participants within the community will be able to express what issues are most pressing for them. As a result, objectives to tackle the issues facing our community will be defined. Each new objective will then be carried out to completion. 

Get to know others for who they are, who they are not, and where they are going. 

Let's focus on the content of our character. 


Raising awareness on social issues & creating small waves that will help re-shape our society for the better. 

We are a team of 8 strong minded indviduals who want to see a difference and are prepared to step in the gap to make that happen. Each individual is personally connected to the vision and mission for different reasons. We are living proof that unity with a diverse group is not only possible but important. All of us fit into different groups and some of the groups we fit into come with automatic privileges while others do not. Due to this, we can each relate to one another when we find that there are privileges we are  afforeded, but they are not, because we know what that feels like when we consider what groups we are a part of which do not receive automatic privileges.

Coming soon, we will have a new website with helpful content, details about our leadership team, information about our upcoming events, and details on how you can get involved. Please reach out and join us in this mission.

Reaching Our and Lifting Up Our Community.

Saving OuR Society


Privacy Policy:

Contact information collected from this site is for the sole purpose of getting in contact/connected with Saving Our Society Inc. We do not share any PII information with others. Currently we do not have a newsletter, but we do plan on setting one up in the near future. By entering your contact information, you are agreeing that we may contact you. If you want to opt out of communication at any time, just email us at and we will make sure that you do not receive any further communciation.

Join us for our meet & greet June 13th. More details, soon to come.